Training / Mentoring

The role of the workplace trainer is growing in significance. The organisation of learning in the workplace has taken on a new significance in the current climate. Many workers in a wide cross section of enterprises are increasingly being asked to upskill inorder to take on the increasing needs of the business:

Learning in the Workplace is distinctive because it:

  • is task focused;
  • occurs in a social context where status differences can exist between workers
  •         there are often clear reporting / responsibility lines between groups of workers;
  • the need often grows out of an experience such as a problem, crisis or novel event;
  • training occurs in an environment where people receive remuneration for their work
  • entails different cognitive processes from those used in an off-site environment.

A third party can greatly assist with the training of staff on specifc task related topics can enhance your existing workforce. Other staff do not then have the added pressure of this task. Many owner-managers do not have the time or budget to take themselves away from the income generating nature of their business to do this. Girl Friday has trained and mentored individuals within a working environment to assist them in elevating their skills in line with the needs of their employer. This is often done in-house during working hourse, however there is flexibility around this service to allow for out of hours training if required. 

Ongoing mentoring can be arranged to support both staff and owner-managers with procedural changes within the workplace, the brainstorming of ideas or to discuss issues that may have arisen from time to time.