Project Reporting

The job is finished and the final cheque is paid but do you really know what the job has cost you ?
Girl Friday can track a contract on a weekly / monthly basis to report on project costs & profit.

A Project Specification allows all tasks to be documented and agreed before starting, if required costs can be calculated against each task to build a quotation and project cost file either for use in house or in agreement with your client, this way there is documented evidence of what was agreed.

Timesheets can be developed to ensure all chargeable man hours are logged and tracked. This can also tie in with your payroll function if required.

Girl Friday can develop a Project Worksheet that will allow all material costs to be logged from invoices, hours to be tracked from timesheets and the overall cost to be calculated so that you will always know what a project is costing you.

You can also combine the Project Worksheet with timelines to keep track of the duration of a project and keep it on schedule. 

Cross checking Material & Service invoices against the original quotation or price can ensure that all costs are as agreed and that no discrepencies arise.

Remember that you are buying time so the hours can be applied across this range of services